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The days of cheap bulk .223 5.56mm surplus ammo are back! No we didn't find a huge load of those fantastic South African Battle packs that were prevalent in the 90s, but we did find something possibly even better.

How about 900 round cases of XM193 55gr FMJBT ammo, packed in 30 round boxes (like the South African Battle Packs) but with each 30 round box packed with (3) ten round stripper clips at the low price of 30 cents per round? The cases also include magazine adapters for the strippers, which makes loading mags a cinch!

Sound good? Take advantage of our find today:

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Cheap Bulk .223 Ammo Special!

Federal .223 900 round case
223 CAL Federal XM193AF 223REM 55gr FMJ BOATTAIL 30 Rds on Strippers 900 rds from SmokeWagonGear.com
Regular Price: $339.00
On Sale For: $270.00

5.56mm ammo as low as $.30 a round!!!

It has been years since 55gr .223 ammo was priced this low. And maybe longer since 62gr green tip was available for $.40 a round. All of this ammo is brand new recent Lake City production, at remanufactured pricing. Stock up now while it lasts!

M855 5.56MM 62gr FMJ Green Tip 1000 round case
223 Ammo - Federal Lake City M855 5.56MM 62gr FMJ Green Tip Steel Penetrator from SmokeWagonGear.com
Regular Price: $575.00
On Sale For: $400.00

Federal .223 1000 round case
FEDERAL XM193 - 5.56MM - M193 BALL AMMUNITION - 1000 ROUND BOX from SmokeWagonGear.com
On Sale For: $300.00

Ammo prices subject to change without notice. Prices on this site accurate as of 8/29/2010.

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